Why M.O.P.

We care

We care… about you, your wishes and your experiences.
But also about the world, local communities and the nature…

We work with the most beautiful ecolodges in the country for overnight and extended stays and we offer programs of  homestays with local families. We want you to get in touch with the Argentinean culture by interacting with the locals: take a tango class with our friends, dance at a folklore festival and get to know the cities by foot, bike or public transport with our specialised guides.

Outsiders look, Insiders knowledge

M.O.P. is originally a Dutch company, established in Argentina after having lived and studied here for over 10 years.  A great passion for travelling in general, and for the country Argentina with its local traditions in specific, were the main reasons to get into the tourism business, travel through country and set up M.O.P. Travel Agency.

The trips we offer are based on insiders experiences and knowledge, developed with an ‘european’ eye & quality standards.

The most beautiful journeys

All our trips are planned with our passion for travel, combining highlights with small hidden-away places all over the country. You can visit the main attractions, but if you’re also interested in getting off the beaten path and staying in a jungle lodge far away from the crowds then we know all the best secret places.

Emails us, call us, Skype us to discuss your travel ideas and wishes.

Your wish plus our expertise and knowledge equals the best trip you can imagine!

We take the time for you

Making sure you have a memorable holiday is not done in a click but needs time and devotion.
We take time to …

  • listen to your wishes so we can prepare a trip to your wishes.
  • find thé place to stay and thé thing to do for you.
  • listen to your feedback.
  • double check all services, so we don’t run into any suprises.

Latest developments

We have a local office and dedicate time to stay updated of new openings, new offerings and development in the national and international tourist sector. Also we keep track of the latest developments in the country, economic news and what’s going on with the labour fources.
We do this to keep our product always new and renovated, but also to be prepared for e.g. a possible strike which can influence your trip. We want you to stay in the best places, do great things and have a great time without having to worry about anything.

Wide range of Services

We offer a wide range of services, from building trips, finding the best place to stay, to travel advice and stand-by service. To read more about our services click here.