Incoming tourism agency

What does M.O.P. offer you as incoming tourist agency and why should you choose for us? Below we list some of our charatcteristics and advantages. If you are interested or would like to know more, just let us know and we’ll get in touch. Many times a call gives a better idea of the person or organisation and helps to resolve doubts and questions. But first… let us tell you why we think we are a good choice:

  • Pre-Care, Care, Post-Care

    If there is one word that describes M.O.P.’s services it is the word ‘care’; we care about your clients, your agency, our communications, the details of the trip and the well-being of your clients. We distinguish ourselves as agency by our way of working, which at the end of the day will make a big difference to your client’s trip through Argentina. We will take care of them as if they were our own direct clients, friends or family. This comes back during the preparation period of the trip (Pre-care), during the trip (care) and after the trip (post-care).

    In the preparation period we will build the trip together with you, giving you suggestions, tips and options which you can pass on to your client. If the client has a clear idea of what he wants, we’ll make sure the offer matches his plans. We always double or triple check the services hired and will make sure your client has all the travel details before the trip starts.

    Once your clients are here we can meet with them for a briefing of the trip, or maybe only to give them a ‘friendly face’ in case they need to talk to someone. During the trip we will make sure to check up on your clients to see if everything is ok.

    After the trip we always talk to the clients to see how their trip went and receive feedback so we can continuously improve the quality of our product.

  • Recognized Tourist Agency

    If you want to operate in the tourist business in Argentina, a so called ‘legajo’ (permit)  is needed. This legajo is given by the Ministry of Tourism and requieres a long list of municipal permits, approvals, inscriptions and most importantly a financial deposit. The Ministry is the control mechanism of the tourist industry in Argentina that ensures that the agencies comply with requirements, quality standards and that also intervenes in case of disagreement or dispute.

    We operate with the legajo 15526 528/13, which you can check on the page of the Ministry of Tourism.

    As an additional guarantee and in case there are serious problems with the trip you can make an official claim with the Ministry of Tourism who will act as intermediary between the two parties. The page to make such a claim can be found here. But honestly we don’t think you will be needing it…

  • Structured communications & an eye for detail

    How many times does it happen to you that your emails are only half-answered? Or that a response to an urgent question comes too late? We have had been on ‘the receiving end’ of such inconveniences too many times and do everything we can to prevent this from happening.  We work with an eye for detail and make sure that all of our communications are structured and complete. We will not spam your inbox with unnecessary emails; our emails are organised and complete which make it easy to read, handle and save the information.

    If you want to reach us you can use one of the many communication channels we have: email, Skype, phone and even whatsapp for urgent cases.

    We make sure you get your information on time in a structured way and that you can always reach us.

  • Highlights & Off the beaten path

    Like most incoming tourist agencies we offer highlight trips throughout all of Argentina, parts of Chile and Brazil. However in these more standard highlight trips we distinguish in our offer by adding options of services and activities that other agencies do not usually offer. By adding some specific excursions or stays, you can adapt the standard itinerary to a more customized offering that will ensure your clients gets the best possible trip.

    If your client wants to venture off the beaten track and visit some smaller places in Argentina, or wants to stay in a hotel or estancia on an unique location in the country, or maybe wants to undertake a different kind of activity we can definitely help. We have travelled the country and know it from top to bottom and are more than happy to help you build a different kind of trip.

  • Local knowledge, Global quality

    Our agency is originally a Dutch agency which is reflected in the way of working and in the quality level offered. The Dutch structural way of working and efficiency are important in our organizational culture. Also an eye for detail, clear overviews and precise communications are values we motivate and teach.

    In the selection of our product we look with a ‘foreign eye’ upon the services and hotels in the market. In general we do not work with big chain hotels, which make the selection of hotels a bit more challenging. We look for services & places with a good price/quality relation as we do not like to pay too much for a service given. That is why we have an excellent offer of 3 and 4 star hotels all over the country, and in some cases for budget trips (in general for the younger clients) we have an offer of the ‘better’ hostels with private rooms. In the choice of services we select our local providers with great care. In general we work with one provider per region so your client always has someone close by during the trip to contact if necessary. The communications we have with them and the quickness in response and feedback are vital in the selection of our local providers. We want them to share our philosophy.

    Besides the foreign eye that we use for the selection and quality of our product, we have accumulated an insiders knowledge of the people and the country. We have lived here for many years, travelled the country and experienced many local cultural events such as folklore festivals, tango gatherings, local hom-estays etc. We are also focused on new developments in the market, new openings, new services, new destinations that come up in the country.