Our services

We offer a wide range of services, check out our list below to get an idea:

  • Round trips through Argentina

    Argentina is a huge country with many highlights, National Parks, Protected Areas, unique fauna, beautiful lodges and a wide diversity of local cultures to get to know. Over its 3650km lenght, the climate changes from high dry altitudes in the north to rich vineyards in the center, and to the south to damp forests and frozen glaciers. During your round trip you can visit a wide variety of landscapes and local cultures.

    You can choose from an itinerary covering the whole country or concentrate in one or two areas. Soon we will show you a large range of possibilities on our trips page, for now we offer customize trips. Contact us if you want to know more.

  • Excursions and tours

    Ice-trekking on the Perito Moreno glacier, dance tango with the with locals in a Buenos Aires milonga,  witness the awesome power of the Iguazu waterfalls, help out on a wine farm (and enjoy its wines), swim with horses, cycle through amazing scenery, dive with sea lions, or simply relax and enjoy a stay on an estancia. There are a large amount of activities to do in every region. Let us know where you want to go and what your interests are, and we’ll find the right mix for you.

  • Short trips

    Do you just want to get away for a few days? Visit the Iguazu falls, stay on a wine farm, just get to know that one particular highlight? There are many possibilties, contact us to find out more.

  • Special interest trips

    Gourmet – Wine – Adventure – Yoga – Horses – Tango – Local cultures – Religion – Fly Fishing – Estancias & Farms

    Are you a horse lover and would relish the chance to ride through stunning sceneries and take part in estancia life? More interested in sport and adventure? Or is it that you simply want to spend time dancing during your trip?

    If you have a special interest and you would like to do or see things related to it during your stay in Argentina, we can help you with it.

  • Custom made trips

    We help you to build the trip you want to make. Tell us the amount of days you will spend on your holiday, what regions or highlights you would like to visit, who you are, what you like and your specific wishes so we can help you build your dream trip.
    Just go to our ‘Build your trip‘  form and let us know what you want.

    Note that we also arrange trips or extensions to Chile, Brasil, and Bolivia.

  • Travel advice

    So much to do and see in Argentina, so many highlights, so many different ecosystems, so much variety in local cultures. Where should you go, what should you not miss? What can you do in the time you have? How can you connect the different places you want to visit?

    We can help you make the ideal trip.

    We can arrange all services and overnight stays for you, book the trips, arrange transfers, provide local contacts and much more. However if you prefer to travel independently and are only interested in some hints and advice, for a small fee we are happy to provide you with as much information as we can.

  • Interact with the locals

    Slowly but surely community projects are arising in Argentina. These projects allow you to experience and participate in daily activities of the communities. In some places even homestays are offered, in other cases you will be lodged close to the families in a more private place.

    Something to take into account with the community projects is that English is not always spoken and that a basic knowledge of the Spanish language is required. If you don’t speak Spanish you could choose to take a translator with you to overcome the language barrier. One way or another; spending time with locals is an extremely enriching experience which you will not easily forget.

  • Tango stays and classes

    Furnished rental apartments, Tango teachers, Tango dancers, Tango schools, Tango trips, clothing, shoes. We can help you arrange the details for your stay in Buenos Aires.

    Let us help you find furnished apartments, we have contacts all over the city and can help you find the perfect match. We also have access to a wide network in the tango world from which we can put you in touch with the best schools and teachers. All contacts are personal relations, from which we can assure that the service is the best available.

    Ask us where to go and dance, where to study, where to have a coffee and where to get to know more about the rich tango history in the city. Do you also need to dress well but you don’t know where to go? We can also help you with that, and if you’re lucky even with discounts.

    Talk to us, let us know what you’re looking for and we help you find your way through the Tango world in Buenos Aires.