The Mesopotamia region is probably most known for its Iguazú waterfalls, however the region has much more to offer. This region stretches from north to south along the Uruguay & Paraná river. Towards the north it has a subtropical climate, but to the south the climate is much milder. ‘Green’  is the word that best describes the landscape, but within all the green colors many different climates and landscapes can be found. Towards the south in the province of Entre Rios you can find the famous white river beaches, the National Park of the Palmtree and a lot of rivers. Further to the north are the famous Iberá wetlands with its enourmous variety of Flora en Fauna and its beautiful estancias. And then in the top of the region we find the province of Misiones which is filled with waterfalls of all sizes. The most famous waterfalls are ofcourse the Iguazú falls, however also the Moconá waterfalls in the East are worth a visit, or the Salto Encantado in the center of the province. Besides the waterfalls the province of Misiones is also known for its many ‘mate’  tea plantations, its beautiful red soil and Jesuit ruins.

What to do:

Visit many waterfalls, go into the jungle, stay on a a jungle lodge, spend time in the amazing Iberá wetlands, visit ‘mate’  tea plantations, visit Jesuit ruins, spend time in the internationally more unknown province of Entre Rios with its small towns, National Park and Gaucho palaces.

Best month to travel:

The waterfalls can be visited all year through due to the subtropical climate, however January and February usually are hot and humid, and from June – Sept the waterlevel is in general lower. Try to prevent the ‘long holiday weekends’  of the Argentineans as the prices double and the parks are full with people.

Travel Time & distances to Iguazú:
  • Travel time bus: 17hs45
  • Travel time plane: 1hs45m
  • Distance from Buenos Aires: 1320km
  • Jesuit ruins: San Ignacio, Santa Ana
  • ‘Mate’ tea plantations
  • Gaucho Palace ‘San José’  in Entre Rios
  • Estancia live in Iberá wetlands