Antarctica, what is there to say about this white continent? For some the Antarctic continent might seem to be just ice, water and birds. However if you ask those who have travelled there, you will often hear that the spectacular landscapes are surreal and unlike anything you will see anywhere else on Earth!

Besides the landscape, the wildlife on Antarctica is a second reason to travel. The wildlife varies greatly throughout the year with the early part of the cruise season featuring abundant birdlife with penguins courting, mating, and the commencement of egg laying and incubation. By midseason the hustle and bustle of chick-rearing is well underway, as is the drama of predatory skuas marauding the colonies for eggs and chicks. By February, most chicks are near fledging size. Adult gentoo penguins and chinstrap penguins come to shore with food for their young and comical “Keystone Cops” chases normally ensue. Adélie penguins may have completely returned to sea by mid-month. February is normally the best time to see the most marine mammals, with hundreds of crabeater seals hauled out on the ice floes. Whales are also at peak numbers with humpback whales normally the stars of the show.

What to do on cruises:

Zodiac cruise among icebergs, hiking, overnight camping onshore, kayaking, skiing, diving.

Best month to travel:

November – March.

Travel Time & distances to Ushuaia, starting point of the cruises:
  • Travel time by bus: n/a
  • Travel time plane: 3hs35m
  • Distance from Buenos Aires: 3094km
  • Historical sites