The region of Cuyo is world famous for its Malbec wines. The many winehouses and the beautiful landscapes are the main reasons of visiting the area, however the region has much more to offer.

The region starts in the flat Pampa and then gradually rises to the high Andes mountains with volcanos and mountains rising up to almost 7.000 meters. The highest peak of the Americas can be found in Mendoza; it is the Aconcagua of 6.960 meters heigh. When travelling from Mendoza to Santiago de Chile you pass by the National Park of the Aconcagua and can enjoy beautiful views of the mountain range. Many take a day excursion to the Chilean border and back passing by the famous Bridge of the Inca and Christ statue at the frontier.

The wine houses in the province of Mendoza offer many activities for the visitors; can you participate in the grape picking process, participate in a cooking class, cycle through the winefields, have a picnic in the middle of the beautiful fields, have lunch in their excellent restaurants and so on. With some planning a wonderful visit can be made.

Besides the beautiful Andes mountains and the wine, the region also offers two gorgeous parks in the provinces of San Juan and La Rioja. Get surprised by the wonder of nature in the ‘Moon Valley’  where you get the feeling to have landed on another planet, or visit the park Talamapaya with his high red colored walls.

What to do:

A perfect region for visiting winehouses, Gourmet experiences, Nature trips, Adventure tourism, Visiting the parks Valle de la Luna and Talampaya

Best month to travel:

All year through. The months January and February can be quite hot and the winter months can be cold, however the region can be perfectly visited during these months. Take into account that the wine season runs from October to the Vendimia (grape picking) in March, the rest of the year no grapes can be found on the plants.

Travel Time & distances to Mendoza:

  • Travel time bus: 14hs30
  • Travel time plane: 1hs50m
  • Distance from Buenos Aires: 1090km
  • Wine houses
  • Gourmet restaurants