The northwest region of Argentina has been winning fame over the past years. Although Patagonia with its many glaciers is the most famous region of Argentina, the northwest maybe suprises visitors even more. The landscapes formed by millones of years of natural action are impressive and leaves you in many occasions astonished. See how colors and shapes change by just one turn of the road.
To the north of the region the Puna (high flatland) can be found with impressive salt lakes, desserts and surrounded by the high peaks of volcanos. To the west the Andes mountains arise along the border, and to the east you can find green valleys.
Besides the natural beauty of this region it also has a very strong local identity. In the past it belonged to the Spanish kingdom and the region maintains most of the cultural traditions. During carnival time you will see how they devote to Mother Earth, but also during the rest of the year celebrations are hold. The clothing is the typical Indian way you also see in for example Bolivia and Peru.

What to do:

A perfect region for Selfdrives, 4WD trips, Gourmet experiences, Cultural and historical trips, Nature trips

Best month to travel:

October, November, March and April. January and February are the wet months when water comes down the mountains which at times causes the roads to get flooded. April – September are good travel months however it can be colder as it is winter season.

Travel Time & distances to Salta:

  • Travel time bus: 19hs25
  • Travel time plane: 2hs15m
  • Distance from Buenos Aires: 1518km
  • Salta city
  • Quebrada de Humahuaca
  • Cachi
  • Carnival celebrations