The Pampa region in Argentina is most famous for its estancias, gauchos and country live. It covers one-fifth of the country and stretches from the coast in the East towards the Andean foothills in the West. The Pampa plain possesses a soft slope toward the East-southeast and its horizontality is only interrupted by some included reliefs. The region can be divided into two distinct zones; the dry zone in the west and the humid zone in the east. The humid zon is the economic heart of the nation and the country’s most populated area.

In this region of Argentina the gauchos are most abundant. There are different types of gauchos all over the country, however they all share the same style of living: on the back of the horseback taking care of a herd of cattle.

What to do:

Spend time on estancias, go horse-riding, go to the beach, get to know a part of the Jesuit history of the country in and around Cordoba, visit small villages, get to know the gaucho culture

Best month to travel:

October – May. The region can be visited all year through, however the months June – September are the winter months in Argentina with temperatures around 2 – 15°C.

Travel Time & distances to estancias around Buenos Aires:

Travel time car: 45m – 1h30m
Distance from Buenos Aires: 70-120km

Travel Time & distances to Cordoba:

Travel time bus: 9hs05
Travel time plane: 1hs20m
Distance from Buenos Aires: 722km

  • Estancia live
  • Eat an Argentinean BBQ (Asado)
  • Go to a Folklore feast & learn the dancing
  • Small gaucho villages like San Antonio de Areco
  • Jesuit estancias and ruins
  • Cordoba city
  • Luján cathedral