Travel Consultancy

We are all different in needs, wants and many times also in cultural background. Some of us prefer to go on a highlight trip and see as much as possible of the country, others only want to visit one specific region, do one specific activity or go off road. There is just not one way of travelling and one trip that satisfies everyone’s needs. Therefore M.O.P. specializes in Travel Consultancy.

On our webpage you can find many round-trips, short trips and tours and all of these can be booked just as you find them. However, if you would like to extend or shorten the trip or change something else, we can do this for you. Also, if you don’t find what you are looking for, or if you’ve heard about one specific excursion you want to do or one specific place you want to stay, we can work with you to build the trip you want. Of course, we will always give our advice and recommendations.

Travel consultancy is not expensive; what determines the price of your trip are the choice of hotels, the activities you undertake, if you want private or regular services and what you want to include (meals, National Park entrances etc).  We work with price deals on the market and commission rates that other agencies work with as well. Our advantage is that we do not limit you to pre-build packages but offer you the possibility to build it as you like.

Your wish, question or doubt is not a problem for us, it is the reason of the existence of M.O.P., so please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.