Practical information about Argentina

Here you can find important information for travelling through Argentina. What are the do’s and don’ts? what should you bring and what can stay at home? What are important data you might need? and what should you definitely know before you start travelling? Read our practical info about Argentina here.

Get to know Argentina

Argentina is one of the countries in the world that offers an enormous range of different climate zones: from subtropical jungle in the north to the Antarctica in the far south. In between we can find greenlands, dry dessert, rich winefields, woods and by wind eroded landscapes.

We can typify eight regions. Per region we have listed the main highlights, travel distances and the main activities to do. To get to know the country and its possibilities a bit better you can read more about the regions and its natural beauties here.

Trips through Argentina

Argentina has so much to offer and so many different trips can be made: do you want an active holiday in Patagonia? or relax and sail in a boat by the glaciers? can you see yourself on the back of a horse watching the sunset in the dunes, or do you prefer to watch the sunset with a glass of wine in the winehouse you’re staying in? Options are unlimited. To make it easier for you we have set up some example trips to get inspired. Click here.

Incoming tourist agency

Work with M.O.P. for your outgoing trips to Argentina. We work with a enormous passion and great eye for detail on each and every of the trips we organise. We know how important travelling is and how much comes to see with it. We make sure you go to sleep without worries and that your passengers feel welcomed in Argentina. They can count on us anytime during their trip.

Besides Argentina we also arrange extensions to Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay and Brasil. Read more about M.O.P. as incoming agency here.

Why choose M.O.P.

M.O.P. is a travel organisation that cares about you, your wishes, your experiences and will work together with you to make the bést trip you could ever imagine. By listening to your wishes, understanding the quality standards you’re looking for and knowing the product, M.O.P. makes the nicest trips through Argentina.

Read more about our different services by clicking here.

Responsible tourism

Travelling far from home to a new country means being confronted with other customs and traditions. In M.O.P. we motivate the intercultural contact as we know it can be very enriching to get to know other people’s way of live; very often they result in the most treasured memories of a trip far away.

We will not easily set you off with a hughe tourist bus of people but will try to find a more authentic way to see a highlight. Find out more about what we do to take care of your trip, the local communities and the nature here.