4WD over the Highlands (Puna)

An Almost-Interplanetary-Adventure…

Discover the beauty of this surreal and solitary semi-arid plateau, filled with strange geological formations, salt flats, pumice fields, sand dunes and an absurd array of colors. You won’t quite believe it’s Argentina, let alone the same planet.

During this 5-day 4WD adventure trip you will get to great heights, delightful valleys, colorful ravines and experience the untouched nature of the Andean volcanic precordillera.

Day 1 | Salta – Quebrada del Toro – San Antonio de los Cobres – Desierto del Laberinto – Tolar Grande
Day 2 | Tolar Grande – Mina Casualidad – Tolar Grande
Day 3 | Tolar Grande – Cono de Arita – Oasis de Antofalla – Vega Colorada – Quebrada de Calalaste – Antofagasta de la Sierra – El Peñon
Day 4 | El Peñon – Campo de Piedra Pómez – Laguna Grande – El Peñon
Day 5 | EL Peñon – Hualfin – Quilmes – Cafayate – Quebrada de las Conchas – Salta

Private 4wd vehicle with chofer/guide
Overnight stays: 2 nights in a very basic hotel & 2 nights in a comfort hotel
Breakfast: day 2 – 5
Lunch(box): day 1 – 5
Dinner: day 1 – 4
1,5lt water p.p. per day

Price p.p. – On request
Length trip – 5 days /4 nights
Departure date – No fixed departure dates

Please be aware that you will be travelling on great heights (max. 4.600 meters). We will ask you to fill in a health form at the time of booking. The Puna has a very rough climate to which the human body has to adapt. Travelling on the Puna requires special attention of which you will be informed at the time of booking. 

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